What Costs are Included in Monthly Senior Living Fees?

What Costs are Included in Monthly Senior Living Fees?

When you compare the monthly rate of a senior living community with your aging loved one’s mortgage or rent, senior living may seem expensive. As you begin to understand how many daily and monthly expenses are included in senior apartments, however, you will likely feel differently.
A senior community can be a cost-effective alternative to aging-in-place with in-home care.

Senior Living Costs

What costs are included in most senior living communities?

The monthly fee in a senior living residence typically includes:
·        Room and board (including meals in community’s dining rooms)
·        Landscaping and snow removal services
·        Maintenance and repairs, if needed
·        Electricity, water, and other utilities
·        Cable, phone and Internet service
·        Laundry service
·        Housekeeping (typically once a week)
·        Shuttle or private transportation 

Life enrichment opportunities such as college classes, day trips, social activities, workout classes, and more may also be included as part of a resident’s monthly senior living fees.

In addition, residents at Five Star Senior Living gain access to beautifully manicured grounds for walks, public gathering spaces, social functions, and signature gourmet dining experiences. All on the campus of the community.

Tiered Plans for Assisted Living

Many senior communities that provide assisted living services offer a tiered plan. You pay only for the help your loved one needs. This may include:
·        Light housekeeping
·        Cooking and meal prep
·        Medication reminders
·        Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (including personal hygiene, getting dressed, etc.)

Tiered plans typically bundle similar levels of services in one plan, and you can scale up or down as your loved ones’ needs change.

On the other hand, an all-inclusive assisted living community provides most services at one price, enabling you or your loved ones to budget for any contingency with no unexpected costs.

Memory Care, Nursing Care, and Other Services

Memory care in a senior community typically costs more than traditional assisted living due to the special needs these residents have.

If a loved one requires skilled home care while in assisted living, these services are typically billed separately. These costs may be covered, in part or in full, by Medicare.

If a senior community has a physician who visits residents onsite, the expenses are typically not covered as part of the monthly fees. These doctors usually accept Medicare or secondary, private insurance.

Similarly, services such as a massage or beauty salon appointments are billed separately.
Questions to Ask about Senior Living Costs

As you are looking around for the right senior living community make sure you’re making fair comparisons.

Before you compare prices amongst communities, ask:
·        What are the different prices for different sized rooms, including private rooms versus shared room?
·        How many daily meals does the monthly fee cover?
·        What amenities are included?
·        Do classes, exercise programs or day trips cost extra?

Looking for a Senior Living Community?
Ask questions, take notes, and calculate your loved one’s monthly budget before choosing the best senior community to meet their needs.

The staff at Five Star Senior Living is here to help you find a senior community where your loved one will feel right at home.

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