Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Communities and facilities that are part of the Five Star family enjoy the best of both worlds: a local, independent organization with a personal, small-business feel, combined with powerful support from a large, forward-thinking company.

The Five Star philosophy is based on the belief that every individual’s physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are important. We meet those needs with dignity and respect. We have a resident-centered approach to care, focused on each resident’s individual needs.

Each of our nurses, therapists, dieticians and clinicians has the resources and hands-on guidance of a regional director of health, a clinical assessment specialist, clinical program manager, and director of social services and recreation, or a regional rehabilitation and wellness director.

Our goal is to help residents maintain independence as long as possible, with a quality of life that enhances their self-esteem. Engaging them in meaningful activities and providing them with personal, attentive care are keys to the Perfect Fit.

Our Clinical Services Management Team
  • Elizabeth Wheatley, Vice President of Clinical Services
  • Deb Lee, Associate Clinical Assessment Specialist

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