The Home Safety & Personal Wellness Checklist

The Home Safety & Personal Wellness Checklist

Home Safety Checklist

We don’t just want to feel safe and secure in our homes; we want to actually be safe and secure in our homes. As our parents age, keeping them safe and secure can be more problematic. During this transition, monitoring the safety and personal wellness of your loved ones becomes crucial.

Falling Risks

Falls are the number one cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in older Americans, according to the National Council on Aging. Age-related changes in vision as well as changes in the ear that diminish balance can increase the risk of falls. While all falls cannot be prevented, measures can be taken to make your house less prone to falls.

Some easy actions you can take to decrease the risks include:

  1. Increasing the wattage on your light bulbs
  2. Removing throw rugs
  3. Installing grab bars and raised toilet seats in the bathrooms

These minor modifications can have big returns. Read this comprehensive article from the Mayo Clinic about simple steps to prevent falls.

Losing Their Senses

A natural part of aging is that a person’s senses start to decline—taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing are not as acute as they once were.

Our ability to taste and smell is closely related. With age, one can lose the ability to detect spoiled food or noxious gases that can be potentially dangerous.

As the sense of touch becomes less acute, individuals lose the ability to detect heat. To protect your loved ones, adjust the water heater thermostat in the home.

The New York Times article, Aging Changes in the Senses, is a comprehensive overview of how our senses change with age, the possible problems and some actions to prevent injury.

Get Our Home Safety Checklist

To help you take care of your aging parents, we want to share with you our Home Safety Checklist. One can easily overlook the hazards in the house or not even realize the small ways your loved one may be vulnerable.

Take a few minutes and view our Home Safety Checklist. Feel free to download it to your computer and print.

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Considering Senior Living Options for Your Loved Ones

We understand how important the safety and well-being of your loved ones is. Understand all the options available for you and your parents. Consider senior living communities. Senior living is about living, and your loved ones deserve to live a rewarding life.

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