Our Values

Our Company Values

Our values represent who we are and they guide all of our Five Star associates’ daily decisions. From our CEO Katie Potter to every one of our 25,000 team members, we live by our company values. Our values are on display in all of our communities and each team member knows them by heart.

We Put People First. We respect all those we serve—coworkers, residents, family, and community—and let them know that they matter. We cultivate a climate of growth, opportunity, and empowerment. We recognize individual and team contributions. We help each other.

We Act With Integrity. We establish an environment of trust and motivate, inspire, and challenge each other. We set a standard of honesty and forthrightness in our daily words and actions and treat people with fairness, compassion, and respect. We are trusting and trustworthy.

We Mind the Business. We build upon a solid financial base, carefully manage assets, and translate bottom-line results into even better resident care. We invest in our people and buildings to foster growth and ensure long-term success. We are accountable.

We Listen—Then Act Decisively. We seek information out and listen to others—openly, carefully and respectfully. We make even the most difficult decisions in a timely manner. We have a bias for action.

We Work to Be Our Best. We strive to be our best, every day, in every situation. We constantly improve our knowledge, systems, and skills and hold each other to uncompromising standards of quality. We go the extra mile.

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