Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jindal brings a wealth of experience to the Five Star Senior Living medical team. For over a decade she has been working with seniors as a board-certified internist, and possesses an outstanding record in numerous clinical teaching capacities. Her primary responsibilities include acting as a liaison to our Medical Directors, leading on all quality of care related matters, as well as serving as external senior living physician representative.  

“As the delivery of quality health services continues to change and evolve in the post-acute setting, we are excited to bring on board someone of Dr. Jindal’s experience and proven track record to help guide our clinical team into the future.”
Bruce Mackey, Five Star Senior Living’s former Chief Executive Officer. 

Aside from her day-to-day responsibilities, Dr. Jindal’s work at Five Star Senior Living falls under four main pillars: 

Quality of Care

Dr. Jindal oversees quality improvement activities such as antibiotic stewardship programs and reduction in use of high-risk or unnecessary medications. In addition, Dr. Jindal collaborates with our Health and Wellness department to develop and implement programs that will enhance our resident care outcomes such as resident safety, hospital readmissions and electronic health records.  

Communication & Education

Dr. Jindal conducts in-service trainings, webinars, and seminars for medical staff. Each community’s medical team will be able to receive support and training for the ethical, social, psychological, and functional issues. Moreover, Dr. Jindal will introduce more evidence-based strategies to reduce readmissions and improve post-acute care.

Coordinate & Oversee Care

In addition to overseeing the physicians in our communities, Dr. Jindal advises and helps staff develop comprehensive medical care plans for each resident. Our residents’ health concerns and needs can be as unique as they are, and Dr. Jindal consults with physicians in our community, offering her advice and experience wherever needed. She will also assist with arranging continuous physicians’ coverage at our communities to ensure that physician’s services are available 24 hours a day.  Dr. Jindal also works with our Rehab department to help develop and strengthen outpatient wellness and rehab across communities.

Physician Leadership

The role of Chief Medical Officer also serves to unify resident care policies and physician policies to promote quality of resident life across all communities. It will also ensure an evidence-based and collaborative approach to meet the medical complexity and care needs of our residents.  

About Priti Jindal, MD

Dr. Priti Jindal has been with Five Star since 2015 as the Medical Director of Meadowood and was named Chief Medical Officer in January 2017.  Dr. Jindal brings with her more than 15 years’ experience caring for seniors in both acute hospital settings and senior living communities.  Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Jindal is an active member of the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) and has served on her hospital’s medical executive and peer review committees. 

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