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Five Star Senior Living resident Evelyn Kaplan shares her story of art and painting, of family and friends, and of a new chapter in her life.

Since she was five, Evelyn Kaplan has painted the beauty in her life. Her painting allows her to discover different points of view, different ways of seeing the world, and all aspects of life. You can see the person she has been and become with every paint stroke and every color choice.

I have a visual mind. Everything I see can be a painting or a picture of some sort.

Evelyn grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in 1930. She received an art scholarship from Parsons School of Design.

Her art is treasured by her family. She shares her love of painting and nature with her granddaughter, who has come to know Evelyn as more than just a grandmother, but also as an artist.

Evelyn recently celebrated her 63rd anniversary with her husband at Five Star Senior Living, where she has a spacious balcony with a brilliant view. She’s grown more in love with nature since moving in, and those influences appear in her most recent paintings and creations.

Watch Evelyn’s story and find out what makes our residents Five Star.

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