The Hobbs' Story

The Hobbs' StoryLink to The Hobbs' Story

Five Star Senior Living residents Maddie and John Hobbs share their story of falling in love, owning a photography studio, and building a life together.

Before he met Maddie, John served in the Navy, following in his big brother’s footsteps. His brother recommended that he transfer to the airships. It was there, flying over the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in blimps, that Jon helped protect Navy ships as they were loaded and prepped for their long journey to England.

While still serving in the Navy, John and Maddie fell into a courtship and soon into love. With his service drawing to a close, John discussed with Maddie their future plans. A lover of photography, John suggested they open up a photography studio. Maddie agreed.

Friendships in Frame

Maddie adored their photography studio. They worked weddings, first communions, and other events, introducing the Hobbs to lifelong friends.

Photography is a wonderful business. You have…these wonderful events in people’s lives, and you make a lot of nice friends that way.

In 1970 the Hobbs sold their studio and donned their professorial caps, teaching part-time photography in Massachusetts. After fifteen years of meeting new people, making new friends and loved ones, and imparting their knowledge on others, they finally retired in 1985.

A New View at Five Star

The Hobbs found Coral Oaks, a Five Star Senior Living community, and both agree the move was a wonderful decision. John likes to compare his new life at Coral Oaks to living on a ship with the great food and amenities, the camaraderie, and as much entertainment as the two could want.

The pair continues on their journey to meet new friends and build a life full of fun, laughs, and love.

Watch the Hobbs’ story and find out what makes our residents Five Star.

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